Thursday, 11 February 2016

Village tree torn down

VANDALS tore down a tree planted in memory of dead villagers.

MEMORIAL: The flattened tree at the playground in Station Road, Cark KATIE ROBINSON

The tree had been lit along with the Cark village Christmas tree as a way of remembering deceased loved ones from the village during the festive period.

But on Thursday, the tree was found snapped at the base.

Youths have been regularly gathering in the children’s play area, in Station Road, Cark, in the evenings.

A resident, who did not wish to be named for fear of being targeted by the suspected vandals, described them as ‘unruly and usually the worse for drink’.

He said: “They were there on Tuesday night making noise and seemed to be under the influence.

“I didn’t notice anything on Wednesday, but as I walked past on Thursday on the way to the shop I saw it had been flattened.

“They may have been aware of its significance, they may not, but either way it is wrong.

“The police have told us to report them if they come back making a noise.

“I don’t think they should be in there after 8pm anyway. It is for smaller children and families.”

Margaret Keith said she could have wept on hearing the news of the vandalism.

Mrs Keith said: “It was so pretty and everyone appreciated it.

“It was growing into a really beautiful tree and now some bright spark has flattened it.

“It brought a lot of comfort to people, come Christmas.

“The village came down for the lighting and we read out the names of those who had lights dedicated to them.

“I can’t believe the mentality of the vandals.

“It is so pointless and they have taken a lot of pleasure away from people. They need to be punished.”


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