Monday, 08 February 2016

There's only one solution to speeding

The Cockermouth Rural Safety Group has monitored the speeds of vehicles in and around the town for four months and they have found over 60,000 drivers exceeding the speed limit with one fool being clocked at 89MPH in a 30 zone.

One can only wonder at what is happening within this motorist’s 3 brain cells but one thing you can’t deny is the affect irresponsible media plays.

It seems to be some sort of cult, but watching Clarkson et al on BBC 2 on a Sunday Night together with then seemingly endless repeats on Dave, must rub off on those who cannot think for themselves.

Clarkson and his self important cronies wallow in speed at every opportunity and fail to understand the impact of 3/4 a tonne of metal.

Richard Hammond has an excuse of sorts – he has brain damage following his high speed crash but the other two are just plain ignorant.

Now, don’t get me wrong, and not for the first time, I will admit that I do, occasionally, exceed the speed limit.

Give me a quiet straight road and I have been known to put my foot down but not past schools or kids playing.

I don’t mind traffic calming measures unlike Clarkson and pals who claim they ‘damage the car’ – yes they do when you try to fly over them like a carrier aircraft taking off up a ramp!

The answer to the issue of speeding in and around Cockermouth is simple – prosecution.

Once they idiots realise that 3 points on their licence is going to cost them considerably more than the £60 fine when they come to renew their car insurance, perhaps (and it is a big perhaps) they will slow down.

Regrettably, thanks to the Coalition Governments austerity measures (how come they only apply to the poor and the middle income families… I don’t see many rich people being austere?) we don’t have enough police officers to mount more than a token response to these horrendous figures so the final outcome will be a dead child.

Perhaps Jeremy Clarkson will come to the funeral?


By Ashley Tiffen
Published: May 11, 2012


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