Monday, 08 February 2016

Robber stole man’s wallet

A ROBBER grabbed a man in a headlock and stole his wallet.

Gavin Callum Lee Taylor admitted robbing James McCance of a wallet and contents, including bank cards, cash and other cards in Ulverston on January 18 when he appeared before Furness magistrates.

Mr John Appleby, prosecuting, said Mr McCance, 32, had been drinking on January 17 and was approached by Taylor, who suggested they go back to his flat.

Mr Appleby said: “Subsequently, they have stopped in the Hart Street area at a small playpark. They had been chatting and then the victim was wrestled to the floor by the defendant, placed in a head lock, which made him struggle to breath.

“He shouted ‘Give us your money, give us your money’ and the victim threw some money on the ground, but the headlock continued and Taylor said ‘I know you’ve got money’ and ‘I’ve got a knife.’

“The victim pulled out his wallet and threw it on the floor. It contained cash and cards. The defendant shouted ‘What’s your PIN number?’ and because he was frightened and on the verge of unconsciousness, he told him the number. He then freed himself and ran off.”

Mr McCane then became aware that his card had been used and cash withdrawn from his account and reported the matter to the police.

While driving through Ulverston in the company of a police officer, he saw Taylor, who he identified as the man who had attacked him.

When interviewed, Taylor had cash on him and other items including gift cards and Playstation games.

He initially said he had been approached by two men he didn’t know at the Shell garage and asked to withdraw money from the cash machine, but then admitted the offence.

Taylor, 22, of Bakery Court, Lower Brook Street, Ulverston, also pleaded guilty to committing fraud by using a stolen bank card to obtain cash and goods, also on January 18.

District Judge Gerald Chalk remanded Taylor in custody.

Taylor will be sentenced at Lancaster Crown Court on May 1.


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