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Ocean Date 3rd March 2010

Steady rather than spectacular is probably the best way to describe progress since the 1,000 miles to go mark.

Steady rather than spectacular is probably the best way to describe progress since the 1,000 miles to go mark. Winds have tended to be light and rather fickle in direction which hasn’t helped. Having dropped down to 18 degrees North we have had quite a bit of South Westerly wind which has gradually moved us North again, despite trying not to let it! You certainly feel you have paid a price for each mile gained during the hottest part of the day when over the last few days there has been little breeze to assist move the boat, or to help cool you down. However, our trend is Westward, with 265 nautical miles now left before we hit the 50 degree West mark. In fact it is interesting to see how rowing shifts which used to be the time for sunrise and sunset each day are no longer so. This gradual change certainly adds a new dimension to our day, as well as reminding us we are further West than we were!

It has been brilliant to hear that Joe the Swimmer has developed his own following among Coniston Crusaders and particularly from the Lazerz Group. Alan who leads the group has been creating a weekly story line about Joe for their Friday evening meeting. This has been filmed on video and then shown to the group. It has included some dramatic stunt work for Joe at times! Any water action has been set up using water in the bath. Other characters such as Bubbles and a dolphin called Dan have also been featured. We are looking forward to seeing the set of films when we return! They sound absolutely wonderful. Alan’s careful film direction is sure to make these films contenders for an OSCAR? Although we are not sure what category they would fit into best.

We are very grateful that all our electrical systems are operating so well. It is reassuring to have the reliability this brings. It also helps keep the structure of our day, as things work as and when needed and time isn’t used up on problem solving. It means a lot when you are busy with everything else not to have any additional issues to contend with.

Well we originally calculated the row was the equivalent of 600 lengths of Coniston Water. Best get back to completing the remaining 240!

Hoots of Praise to Matthew, Dana and Rhianna from Coniston for your messages and interest in the row. Daniel and Evannie thanks for the poem and Yellow Submarine sea shanty – fab! Alan thanks for sending through our messages these last few days.

By Norman & James
Published: March 9, 2010


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