Saturday, 06 February 2016

It's snow joke...

Where’s the snow then? I’m sure the weather forecaster said in October that it would probably snow at some point in January, so where exactly is it, then? They PROMISED. I want my money back...

It’s chilly, isn’t it? Damn chilly. And there actually has been some snow, largely on top of those big, rocky things with the gigantic puddles in-between. You know the ones. Where all the tourists go so they can get lost in inappropriate clothing, fall off the big rocky things and need Mountain Rescue to save them. I know some Mountain Rescue folks – they’re all jolly nice and fit. As in healthy. Not attractive. I mean, some of them are attractive, but... I’ve got sidetracked again, haven’t  I? Good job there isn’t a word count limit to this Big Blogger business...

Anyway, today’s rantlet (look it up, it’s a real word, honest) is about those folk who spot snow on a forecast as a possibility for 5 day’s time, and obsess about it. You know the ones – you haven’t seen a thing about it, but after checking the papers, online, TV and radio and cross-referencing them, they get one hint that it might snow next weekend and suddenly they’re telling everyone that there definitely WILL be tons of the white stuff.

And not just that. As we sensible types know, the weather is jolly difficult to predict, especially more than a few days ahead. Some particularly porky butterfly in Namibia decides to turn a teensy bit left instead of carrying straight on, and the resulting air movement winds up, thousands of miles and some complex meteorological science-y stuff later, with it being a rainy day instead of a sunny one.

Oh no, our snow obsessed chums ignore that simple fact, and the updated forecasts in-between, and carry on scaring the willies out of anyone foolish enough to listen with dire tales of snowdrifts and temperatures hitherto unknown at the North Pole on a particularly chilly day.

And then, when the day of the original prediction arrives, they keep indignantly muttering about how the weather bods always get it wrong, and that they definitely said it was going to snow today.

Here’s today’s top tip then. If someone says it’s going to snow this time next week, wait until the day before then check the forecast – for your specific area too. That’s another of the paranoid snowaholic’s little tricks; as long as snow was shown somewhere within a 250 mile radius of their home, it definitely means they’ll need a shovel, thermos of tea and some tinned food to try and survive the oncoming white-out. No two ways about it.

There may well be a whole other article regarding local councils and their ability to cope with snow, but I’ll save that for now. When I try and do political stuff, my spider senses tell me to shut up. At least I think it’s the spider senses. It could just be some of the other voices in my head.

Oh look – it’s snowing. They did say it was going to last week...

By Jenwis Hamilbutton
Published: January 29, 2012


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I love snow!! So much so that it took me two and half hours to remove it from my drive and put it on the lawn. It looks much better there !!

Posted by Marlow Man on 8 February 2012 at 15:04

Very good - enjoying your blogs very much!

Posted by No1fan on 30 January 2012 at 21:09

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