Sunday, 07 February 2016

Best I've ever seen

THERE is only one place to start this week and that is with the amazing speedway match we saw at Derwent Park on Saturday.

I’ve only been going to the speedway for a few years and it was the best match I have ever seen but there are those that have been going there since the 1970’s who said it was in their top ten.

Many people wouldn’t have given us a chance of clawing back a nine point deficit against a team as laden with quality as Somerset but the way we did it impressed me the most.
We didn’t have to rely on any tactical rides and all the lads dug deep, pulled a result from the bag and we got some fantastic entertainment from it.

Some of the passing and racing was incredible and if anyone came to watch that for the first time they would be instantly asking for more.

Anybody who did miss out on the match - well you will probably not get a better match this season and hopefully a match like that will help increase the crowds.

Announcer Michael Max sounded like he was going to have a heart attack at any moment with his frenzied commentary and I’m sure the nerves would have added a few years on to both Keith Denham and Tony Jackson.

I for one felt I needed to lie down in a dark room after the excitement but Saturday night was what speedway was all about and proved to us why we go and watch it week in week out - it was pure entertainment.

The lads will just have to be a bit cautious this week when visiting Somerset tonight and keep a close look out for any low flying wheelie bins after Rebels rider Jason Doyle managed to destroy one in the pits last week after their defeat.

SPEAKING of close racing we certainly got some of that with some of the World Cup action this week.

Although many of us were disappointed, but maybe not surprised, to not see Kenny Ingalls try himself out on the biggest stage after world champion Greg Hancock recovered from an injury some of the racing in the first semi final was breathtaking.

The last heat of the night that featured Hancock, Tomasz Gollob, Emil Sayfutdinov and Micahel Jepsen Jensen was unbelievable and I lost count the number of times the lead changed hands.

It showed if you get the right track and riders you will get good races and this one had to rank as one of the best.

Sky’s commentary team of Nigel Pearson and Kelvin Tatum were if nothing entertaining and sometimes their over the top commentary adds to the pleasure of watching some great speedway.

However, there was a shock with Russia winning Event One and I’m sure the organisers must have scrabbling around to find their national anthem.

It was more straightforward for the Aussies who prevailed in the second event on Monday but Team GB should not be ashamed of their performance.

To come a close second to an Australia team featuring riders such as Jason Crump and Chris Holder is no mean feat but we will have our work cut out in the race off, which took place night, for the last place in the final against the Poles, Danes and the Czech is what is sure to be an action packed meeting.

By Paul Crute
Published: July 13, 2012


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